Screen Shots

How it Works

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Screen Shot of Student View

This screen shows the interface from the student view. The content is writen and presented using a fully capable online version of Mathematica (no downloads). Students play with the computational examples and create their own. The syllabus is on the left and tracks students progress and alerts them when homework has been reviewed by the instructor.



Screen Shot of Typical Student Solution

A typical homework solution uses a “Solution Cell” which is a 4 part group that prompts students to use Polya’s techniques from his “How to Solve It”. 1) Restate the problem. 2)Plan and guess the outcome 3) Solve the problem 4) Summarize.
Our motto: If a computer can grade it, it’s not worth asking.



Screen Shot of the Student Overflow

Students and intructors can help each other online Mathematica enabled question/answer forum (one for students + instructor and one for instructors only).



Another Screen Shot of Student Overflow

Here a student is using Mathematica code to create a demonstration to help another student understand a concept.



Instructor Grading/Mentoring Queue

Here is a view of an Instructor grading queue. The list can be filtered by date, lesson, unit, graded/not graded, etc.



Instructor Homework Feedback

Here is a view of an Instructor Homework Feedback interface. The system automatically color highlights your comments and demostrations (as well as the student’s).



Course Editing, Authoring and setup interface

Instructors, schools, or administrators can choose off the shelf content provided by Making Math and edit it to fit their needs by removing or adding lessons and homeworks. Courses can even be created from scratch and made available to other intructors if you wish.