Learning and Teaching Making Math

How it Works

Learning and Teaching – How It Works

Making Math flips the classroom:

Content utilizes Mathematica as a part of the presentation driving students to experiment and explore.

Students work on homework, ask questions, hand-in work with explanations. Some homework (literacy sheets) are done by hand, but written up in Hilbert without the use of Mathematica.

Instructors grade and provide feedback (allowing students to redo homework if they wish).

Making Math Content Structure:

Basics: the 30,000-foot conceptual view of the material.

Tutorials: tutorials on solving problems provide a deeper view of the concepts.

Try it: homework problems that utilize and depend on Mathematica. Students can solve some fairly complex problems here, which would not be possible in standard courses.

Literacy Sheets: homework problems that depend solely on the individual student’s knowledge. Hand calculations are done here, and also serve as the exam questions for the course.

The Winning Pedagogy for Teaching Mathematics