How to Get Involved

How it Works

Making Math began its initial release in January 2012, which means that you can get involved in our Early Adopter Program and help shape the future of Mathematics Education. Now is time to join the growing community of reform minded professors and teachers. In our Early Adopter Program we will build a relationship with each other with an eye towards complete and amazing success. We will intentionally keep the number of Early Adoptions low so that we can better serve each and every adoption to insure success at every stage. If you are looking to try something new and completely different, whether it is in the classroom, completely online or both, please request an invitation and let us know the extent of your interest in our service.


DSC_0201 rightedAs an early adopter, you will receive exclusive attention in setting up and getting started with your course. In addition to receiving an instructor account, we will provide an extensive walk through of our educational platform as well as our current courseware.

We will also provide technical support throughout the course period and welcome any feedback that could help us improve your experience.