Changing Roles

How it Works

From Presenter To Coach

Making Math flips the traditionally taught classroom where instructors give high-level presentations and explanations and then students go off to do a series of exercises that are simplified enough to be completed by hand or simple calculator evaluations. Students spend so much effort on the steps of these calculations that they can’t see the forest for the trees. Even if they have an idea they would like to explore, as novices, they do not have the technical ability, confidence, or time to satisfy their curiosity.

In Making Math, the content drives the course and uses exposed Mathematica Input cells to drive the course forward. Students run through calculations quickly and begin to see patterns early. This frees the student to tackle real-world, meaningful problems rather than drill and practice exercises. However, they will get stuck, or get misconceptions, which is where YOU the instructor steps in to guide them back on the right path. Students learn what types of questions to ask, and as their instructor, you listen to or read their explanations. You will be able to coach your students by providing expertise, inquisitiveness, confidence, motivation, and inspiration.

Old Way:

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Making Math Way:

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