Making Math course contents were written by the late Jerry Uhl and Bill Davis, with contributions by Horacio Porta. All of our course contents have been proven to be superior in their depth and breadth of each subject. Courses utilizing these contents have been taught at University of Illinois for over of 25 years and they are still going strong till this day. The Making Math courseware utilizes the power of Mathematica as an investigative tool for the students. Each subject is approached with a fresh and illuminating angle that excites and invigorates students.

You may choose to use unaltered version of the course contents or customize them to suit your needs for the purpose of instruction free of charge by requesting an instructor account using the Request an Invite button on the right. Click on the courseware title below to view a full description of the chapters in each courseware.

If you are simply seeking a copy of the courseware for reference or individual use (without the need for instruction), you may purchase them for $79 each by clicking on the purchase link next to courseware of your choice. The ability to evaluate code within the courseware will expire after 6 months from the date of purchase but you will retain a retain an electronic copy of your courseware for three years with the option of downloading a PDF version after three years. For  more information, visit our account policies.

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