Account Policies

• Making Math reserves the authority to approve account requests and the right to refuse such requests as well as student enrollments.

• Accounts must be created using a .edu email account as verification of enrollment in a higher education institution.

• Students are allowed to sign up only for a course in which they officially enrolled at the higher education institution where it is offered and the status of the enrollment will be determined by the course instructor.

• Students signed up for a course in which they are not currently registered will be removed from said course without any notice or refund upon instructors’ request.

• Cancellation and refunds:

o Enrollments canceled within 14 days are entitled to a full refund.

o To cancel an enrollment in a course, click the cancel link next to that course from the list in student main page.

o Upon successful cancellation, the course will be removed from the student’s list and all materials in the course will be deleted.

• Types of access

o Full: students in an active course will have access to view and edit course materials, run evaluations, submit homework files, post questions and view grades.

o Limited: students that have dropped or completed an active course will have access to view course materials, run evaluations and view grades but will not be able to edit files, submit homework or post questions. Also applies to students in a course that has ended.

o Read-only: student course materials will become read-only six months of enrollment in a higher education institution course or ten months of enrollment in a high school course. Students may purchase an extension for the same length of time to regain full access. Homework submission will be disabled for courses that have ended, however.

• Upon completion of an active course as approved by the instructor, student accounts will have limited access until the course end date or expiration (whichever comes first). The course will then be accessible for three years as read-only. After three years, students will be given the option to download all the course files in PDF format before it is archived and removed student course list.

• When dropping a course at the higher education institution, it is students’ responsibility to cancel their Making Math enrollment in that course. Please refer to our cancellation and refund policies for more information.

• Read our privacy policy and FERPA statement here.