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“I can now learn math by doing, instead of just listening and following along” --Kristin

  • Learn Math by Making Math

    Our unique pedagogy allows students to become immersed directly into our innovative learning environment. Learn More>

  • Flipped Classroom

    Technology driven content encourages students to experiment and then receive feedback from instructors. Learn more>

  • Inquiry Based Learning

    Socratic method is embodied in the content and generates conversation among students and instructors. Learn More>

  • Early Adopter Program

    Help shape the future of Mathematics Education by getting involved!

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    • Tips & Resources

      Click here to view a collection of useful tips and resources for intructor, mentors and students, and frequently asked questions.

    • Our History

      Making Math started at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1988.  Click here to read more.


    • T-I-L-E System

      Click here to learn about the Tool Integrated Learning Environment that combines technology, content and course management into a turnkey solution for education.

    • Videos

      Watch video of Making Math presented at conferences as well as testimonials form students here.

    • Math maker’s gallery

      Click here to view a gallery of images created by students.